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Discover new and exciting products and services DME has to offer to it’s gobal cutomers. Better undertand the engineering behind DME’s ever expanding product portfolio and hear from experts how these products can help improve part quality, reduce scrap and increase productivity by reducing cycle time.

New Videos!

EZ Slider Installation Video
Running Time: 1:19
EZ slider Product Video
Running Time: 6:21
Roller Lock Animation

Running Time:

DME Accualign Lifters
Running Time: 2:30
DME S-Core Premium Collapsible Cores
Running Time: 4:32
DME Conformal S-Core Animation
Running time: 2:54
Product Series, Latch Lock, Animation

Running time:

Product Videos

TrueCool™ Conformal Cooling Inserts
Running Time: 1:18
Mold Service Table
Running Time: 1:07
Running Time: 4:45
Dove Tail Collapsible Cores
Running Time: 1:30
ProWeld Micro-Welding System
Running Time: 4:21
VG-Series Vacuum Jet – Mold Venting
Running Time: 2:20
DME Servomold Unscrewing Device
Running Time: 1:44
SD-Series Double Rack Lifters
Running Time: 0:48
UU-Series Under Cut Slide Unit
Running Time: 1:06
DR-Series Double Rack Lifter Systems
Running Time: 1:08
Demonstration: MUD Quick-Change with Stellar Hot Runner
Running Time: 5:18
Quick-Change Mold Adapter

Running Time: 1:00

Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Device
Running Time: 1:06
Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders
Running Time: 1:08
VectorForm Lifter Systems
Running Time: 0:55
External Latch Lock
Running Time: 0:24
Internal Latch Lock
Running Time: 1:24
Custom Pins, Sleeves and Blades
Running Time: 1:42
Dual Ring Mold Date Inserts
Running Time: 0:24
Global Thinswitch
Running Time: 0:27
2-Stage Ejectors
Running Time: 1:21
Collapsible Core
Running Time: 1:22
Expandable Cavity B Side Striker
Running Time: 1:12
Expandable Cavity A Side Striker
Running Time: 1:13
Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles vs. Brass Baffles
Running Time: 3:28
Quick-Change Systems
Running Time: 1:13
Demonstration: Hot Runner Thermocouple Positioning
Running Time: 0:15
IPC Process Controller Setup and Test
Running Time: 2:11

Non-Product Videos

Solutions for Molding Undercuts
Running Time: 16:19
Hot Runner System Expertise
Running Time: 3:36
Video Testimonial – The Value of DME
Running Time: 1:13
Using the DME Mold Base Configurator
Running Time: 2:09

DME Tech Talks

Lifters & Locks With Jeff & Joe

Running Time: 15:00

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