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QR-Code Inserts

The new DME QR-Code Inserts allow OEM’s to reap all the benefits of traceability and consumer connectivity. Adding a QR code to a product isn’t a new concept, but up until now it could only be printed on the product or disposable item such as support material. Today there is a new and better solution.

Features & Benefits


  • Discrete, Permanently Affixed, Won’t Wear Off
  • Easy To Use Marking/Tracking Option
  • Cost-Effective; Requiring No Secondary Operations
  • Inserts Can Be Easily Replaced And Updated

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Exclusive to DME

Permanent, Customized Connectivity

With the NEW DME QR Inserts you can now add a QR code directly to a product itself, in a way that won’t be removable or wear off. The possibilities are endless – all from one little insert!

DME QR-Code Traceability
• Material: 420 Stainless • Thread: M5 for 10mm / M6 for 16mm & 20mm
• HRC: 50-53 • Over all Length for 10mm Dia = 12mm.
• Over all Length for 16mm Dia = 14mm
• Over all Length for 20mm Dia = 16mm.
• Max Temp: 200C/392F. • Engraved depth for all sizes 0.8mm

Unlimited Possibilities

The NEW DME QR-Code Inserts have unlimited possibilities to provide your customer more information about your:

  • product,
  • options for re-order
  • documentation
  • and optional accessories

QR codes can be used for many things, but often are set as online destinations or content. You can tailor a video, custom marketing or informational message to your customers by sending them to online information that you control.

Unlike printed materials, QR codes can direct customers to online content that can be edited and updated as needed to maximize the effectiveness of the content.

Build your email list by routing your customers to a sign-up page or potentially reduce liability by giving them instructional information and/or warnings all available by scanning the QR code.

QR-Code Sizes

Broad Industry Use Featuring:

The ability to connect to consumers is always prevelant in the minds of manufactures and OEMs globally.

Regardless of the industry, the DME QR-Code Insert can be used to facilitate better product tracking and easier to access product information (such as manuals, SDS information, marketing materials, services or programs.

dme qr-code insert

Industries that can benefit from a QR-Code directly and permanently molded into a part include:

DME custom QR-Code Inserts