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DME Quality

Since 1942, DME has built on our mold technologies leadership by focusing on high quality throughout our organization and our broad line of products and services.


Superior Team Training

Employees trained to embrace and support quality

Highest Internal Quality Standards

Quality processes implemented across all levels and departments

Quality Programs

Numerous quality programs in everyday operations including ISO and Lean


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ISO Certified

proudly DME is dedicated to giving it’s customers the highest quality service available across the broadest portfolio of parts and services. DME maintains ISO 9001 certification, and supports it’s quality programs with Lean trained team members.

*Supplier Quality Manual –  it is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure they have the latest version



To ensure you only receive the highest & most consistent quality of material we put DME Steel through it’s paces before it ever arrives on your doorstep. Not only do we test the steel against standard chemical composition and mechanical surface properties, but uniquely, DME machine tests each lot of steel. We saw, cut, grind, drill, rough and finish mill the DME steel to replicate your operational needs of the world of high performance machining. Only when our steel passes this stringent test do we stamp it with the DME Mark of Quality.

The DME “MARK of QUALITY” provides you with the knowledge that the steel has been tested for precision machining.