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AHP Merkle Products

Welcome to the world of high-quality hydraulic cylinders used in injection molding, die casting, hydroforming, stamping, fluid power, compression molding, punching, amongst other industries.  AHP Merkle, the global leader in hydraulic cylinder technology, has partnered with DME, for a combined industry experience of over 130 years.  With a wide range of hydraulic cylinders designed for various industrial applications, DME and AHP Merkle are committed to providing efficient and reliable solutions to meet your specific hydraulic cylinder needs. Quick delivery combined with the highest quality workmanship, make AHP Merkle the best-in-class hydraulic cylinder.

With its North American technical service engineers, DME can guide in the design, installation, and aftermarket service and maintenance. Providing hydraulic cylinders to the automotive, medical equipment, electrical, electronics, aerospace industries.

Not only providing reliable uptime, AHP Merkle products include cooling capabilities to boost cycle output – resulting in more output for less.

With over a million cycles, AHP Merkle products can meet or exceed competitors such Parker, Vickers, Vega, Miller, and HPS.