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Plastic Cutters

Plastic cutters are clipper tools that are used to cut plastic, specifically in plastic injection molding and for hobbyists in model creation. At dme.net we sell a variety of plastic cutters. Plastic cutters are useful for cutting the plastic gate as a plastic injection molding machine spits out a brand new plastic part. They are also useful for 3d printers and for hobbyists. We have a wide range of industrial grade plastic cutters. These range from standard cutters to premium. Visit our Estore to purchase them.

Standard Plastic Cutters

Standard plastic cutters are very good, especially when you’re buying the industrial grade standard cutters. You can buy them here.


Premium Plastic Cutters

These are the best plastic cutters that you will be able to get your hands on. These are designed for a much higher number of cuts than their standard plastic cutter counterparts, they are sharper, the springs last longer than the standard cutters. The durability of the premium plastic cutters is specifically designed for assembly lines at large factories. They are designed for constant grueling use with thousands upon thousands of cuts over and over again as they are used until they fail after weeks of cutting. These would be overkill for a hobbyist, but they reasonably priced, so why not have the best? Buy them here.