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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is the process of creating parts and items by using mold bases and injecting plastic resin into it. The plastic resin is injected as molten plastic into a mold in the shape of the plastic part that is to be formed. After the injection occurs the molten plastic spreads out into the mold base and is often cooled by a system within the mold base. This causes the plastic to harden into the part or item. Then the part is either removed or ejected from the part and the process begins again.

Plastic injection molding is made possible by mold bases. These are made of a series of mold plates. Each mold plate typically performs its own function. Like an ejector plate ejects a newly created part of item from the mold and puts the mold in position for the next run. These mold bases and mold plates are kept up and running by a series of items called mold components. For example when a part is injected in order to reduce wear on the mold plate disposable parts known as ejector pins are what do the motion of ejecting the part, as such, these are the easily replaceable parts that wear away with time, while the mold base itself is unharmed by the massive amounts of motion. 

DME sells mold bases, mold plates and mold components. We can full facilitate your needs to perform plastic injection molding from plastic resin to a freshly printed part.