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Thermocouples FAQ

I notice that some thermocouples have a different color code scheme than others. What do the different color code sets mean?

Note: The following applies to thermocouples (or heaters with integral thermocouples) sold out of the DME USA Hot Runner Catalog. It does not apply to heaters or thermocouples sold out of the DME Molding Supply Catalog.

DME has taken steps to meet the growing needs of our customers around the world. One of these steps has been to progress to an “International” thermocouple color code per IEC 584-3 (Black = positive, White.

Up to the recent past, most DME thermocouples (or heaters that have integral thermocouples) have had a color code based on the ASTM E230 standard, in which the positive thermocouple wire lead (magnetic) has a white color insulation, and the negative thermocouple lead has a red color insulation. This is traditionally common in North America:

Please note that some products will continue to have the ASTM E230 standard color code (White=positive, Red = negative).

Both color codes shown above are correct. It will be important to ensure proper wire up of the thermocouple. If the thermocouple is wired up backwards (polarity of the thermocouple is reversed), the thermocouple will fail to give the temperature controller a correctly interpretable signal. For clarity, the following color code chart may be used:

-J type therm standards.jpg