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Steel FAQ

Are the Edge Mold plates milled together?

The cavity plates are milled together. All other plates are added to the assembly as needed.

Can DME test steel for defects?

Yes, DME can ultrasonically test for voids, cracks and other defects. The size of your plate will determine your cost. Please contact Customer Service for a quote.

Can I have my #7 Stainless Steel plate heat treated?

No, we do not recommend having your #7 Stainless Steel heat treated to a higher RC. It should be left at standard 32-37RC.

How does DME square up a mold base?

Square Milling, it is more accurate and faster than square grinding.

Will DME produce a special Mold base or Unit die with special features?

Yes. Please provide a drawing that details the desired features and we will review. If feasible and economical, DME will provide a quote. Please be aware that in some cases, DME may ask a customer sign a waiver as we will not be able to guarantee longevity of product depending on the special feature requested.