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Runner Shut Offs FAQ

Can I disassemble my Runner Shut-Off for repair?


Can I use a regular (Steel) screw driver to turn my DME Runner Shut Off?

We recommend that a brass rod be used with one end of the brass rod modified to be similar to the tip end of a flat screw driver. This will reduce opportunities to damage or scratch the runner flow channel in the DME Runner Shut Off.

How critical is the press-fit for the hole installation into a mold?

The press-fit tolerances shown both in the DME Mold Components Catalog as well as in the documentation supplied with the packaged product is very important because too loose of a press fit could allow the insert to move out of position, while too tight of a press fit might prevent the center core from rotating when required.

What is the maximum mold temperature recommended to be used when there are DME Runner Shut Off?

The maximum recommended mold temperature is about 250°F (120°C).

Where can I find installation specifications?

There are installation sizes and tolerances shown in the DME Mold Components Catalog, as well as instructions are provided with the packaged product. If you would like an electronic copy of the instructions, please contact us.