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Quick Mold Locator

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Available for Horizontal or Vertical Presses

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Horizontal or Vertical press options available


Faster setup time with the new DME Quick Mold Locator

The DME Quick Mold Locator is a simple, reliable, and ingenious system that allows you to consistently and accurately set the mold in the same location on the platen.

This product can be used on both imperial standard and metric standard injection machines, thread size matches the machine, all other dimensions are same. When designing the mold select the suitable thread location and attach the locator. On the molding machine attach the locator on the same location, allowing for repeatable location.
Locators can be attached in different locations and easily moved with an Allen wrench.
• QMLH series – horizontal presses
• QMLV series – vertical presses
• Designed for standard imperial hole sizes (Metric sizes available upon request)

How do Quick Mold Locators work?

Horizontal Presses

Quick Mold Locator studs use the threaded clamp holes on the platen for the location as a datum to locate the mold easily and repetitively.

For horizontal press applications the clamp plate will need to be machined to accommodate either

Option 1: a replaceable “C” shaped locating ring


Option 2: simply machine in location ring shape onto the clamp plate

Once the mold has the locations machined the studs can be attached. Use two locators on both platens, load the mold onto the locators, the stud bushing is rotatable allowing the mold to easily slid onto the locators. Push the center locating ring into the press and then clamp it. The mold will be set in same location time and time again. Below are more images of the horizontal quick mold locator systems.

Vertical Presses

Quick Mold locators have also been developed for vertical press applications as well. The system also uses a locating ring and locator. Both have a taper on them, which allows for precise location and easy engagement.

This system attaches the locator on the platen and locating ring on the clamp plate, when loading the mold, mold will slide into the locator. This locator also could be used for horizontal press for straight mold base.

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