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Since the early 1940’s the DME catalog has been the de-facto bible for the mould making industry. Today’s catalogs and brochures offer the widest selection of products including the latest innovations. Additionally, DME has a robust library of product information available to help aid our customers.


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For over 75 years


For over seven decades DME has been generating informative and exciting content ment to educate and inspire the moulding industry and the numerous designers, mould makers and moulders that make it an ever evolving, dynamic industry. DME continues to create the product literature you expect and need every day to better support your needs. Check out todays literature below, and thank you for 75 years of continued patronage.

Digital Catalogs - online eBook

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DME Mould Bases Catalog
DME Mould Components Catalog
DME Industrial Supplies Catalog
DME Surface Finishing Catalog
DME Die Sets Catalog

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DME Mould Bases Catalog
DME Mould Components Catalog
DME Industrial Supplies Catalog
DME Surface Finishing Catalog
DME Die Set Catalog

Product Literature – PDF download

Below are links to NEW and Favorite DME Products and Services literature available for download in PDF format. Click on any link below to download. If you don’t see a product your looking for, please visit the DME eSTORE or Contact Us and we will help you out – “Every Step Of The Way”.

NEW! Mould Components Extension
Coarse Pitch Axle
Collapsible Cores
Collapsible Core DT
Cool One
CoolingCare Machine
Cooling Manifold
CVe Monitor
Date Stamps
DLC Pins
FreshStart Purging Compound
How to use Configurator
Hoist Rings
Injection Units
Mould Cooling Multicoupling
Mould Strap
NEW – Removable Nozzle Tips
Pre-Engineered Helical Gear
Pre-Engineered Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders
Pre-Engineered Hydraulic Unscrewing Device
Quick-action Clamping System – Bakra
Mould Service Table
Stainless Steel Coupling
Surface Finishing – Grande Polisher
Temperature Controllers – MT Controller
Temperature Controllers
TIRAD – High Precision Custom Mould Bases
TIRAD – ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
TIRAD - ISO 9001 Certificate

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