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Mold Date Inserts FAQ

Are the symbol rings in the dual-ring mold date insert replaceable separately, or must I order a complete assembly?

The dual-ring mold date insert components are not available separately.

Can I use DME mold date inserts in die-casting operations?

The DME dual-ring type (MD-XXXX), the DME Indexable, and DME Front Removable Mold Date Inserts are not to be used in die-casting operations.

Can I use DME mold date inserts with glass-filled applications?

The hardness of the steel is 50-55 HRc which means that glass fibers will wear down the lettering on the inserts at over time, and the amount of wear down will depend on part size, speed of injection, and overall cycle time.

I have a dual ring insert, but the size or length does not match the catalog. Where would I find the proper details?

If you have a mold date insert that has dimensions that do not match what is in the DME Mold Components catalog, then we regret to say that you do not have a genuine DME part. DME also does not offer special mold date inserts. Please check with the company that supplied the part or mold to you.

I have gone online to download CAD files for my mold date inserts, but I do not see the date symbol information on the CAD files. Are there CAD files available with the proper date information?

Not at this time.

What is the maximum operating temperature recommended for a DME Mold Date Insert (Indexable and Dual Ring types)?

The maximum operating temperature for a DME Mold Date Insert (both indexable and dual-ring) is 302°F (150°C).