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Misc FAQs

Does DME sell purging compound?

Purging compound can be purchased through DME Industrial Supplies. In the U.S please call toll free 800-626-6653 or in Canada 800-387-6600 and we would be happy to help you.

There are items in the DME catalog that do not have part numbers called out in the catalog, when ordering on-line what are some of the basic rules?

Here are some tips for “building” a part number:

As a general rule do not insert dashes, slashes or spaces when entering:

  • Inch component numbers
  • B-6604 with a 7/32 O and 3/4 R – B0473
  • UV-6602 with a 9/32 O and 1/2 R – UV0291

These are entered dimensionally by diameter and length then with product initials.

  • 1/2” diameter by 2-1/2” long Dowel Pin– 12212DP
  • 5/8” diameter by 1-7/8” long Tubular Dowel – 58178TD
  • 1/4” diameter by 2-3/4” long Socket Head Cap Screw – 14234CS
  • 1” diameter by 2” long Socket Head Cap Screw – 12CS
  • 1/2” diameter by 10” long Socket Head Cap Screw – 121000CS
  • 3/8” diameter by 3-1/2” Stripper Bolt (Shoulder Bolt) – 38312SB
  • EX3 M10 ejector pin with 1/2 SHoulder OverSized – EX3M1012SHOS

What design guidelines should be considered for the ‘AEP’ and ‘AEB’ versions of DME Accelerated Ejectors?

  1. Use the Accelerated Ejector item # AEB-10 for up to 10-7/8 wide X 23-1/2 long mold bases.
  2. Use the Accelerated Ejector item # AEB-20 for up to 23-3/4 wide X 35-1/2 long mold bases.
  3. Use guided ejection in ejector assembly.
  4. Maximum stroke for any unit is 5/8. This provides a 2:1 ratio.
  5. Use early ejector return to return ejector assembly.
  6. Accelerated ejectors should not be used to overcome springs. Springs may cause the plate to deflect and bind.
  7. When using the AEB device, a minimum of four units is required.
  8. Lubricate pinion occasionally with a lithium-type grease or oil containing P.T.F.E.
  9. AEB and AEP units: Body and Racks are carburized to R/C 45-50.