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Medical Devices That Aid The Plastic Injection Molding Industry

DME Engineered Medical Devices

These are devices brought into creation by the brilliant engineers at DME. These are stainless steel and are ideal for clean rooms and for use in the creation of medical devices.

sidelocks rollers

Stainless Steel DME LT Locks

Thermal expansion and aging equipment can challenge part to part quality over the production lifecycle. A stainless-steel solution, the DME LT Roller Lock with its unique carbide roller and industry leading 5-point locking mechanism, helps in the consistent alignment of the tool throughout the production lifecycle.

The DME LT Locks are just another way DME is leading the medical industry.

Learn About The S-Core Collapsible Core In The Medical Industry

S-Core Collapsible Core allows for greater angles and opens the design window for new and innovative plastic parts. Built with patented safety stops, our collapsible core can be produced for up to 12 segments.

S-Core Medical Device Injection Molding

Medical Devices Sold By DME

Here are a few medical devices that are sold by DME on behalf of other companies.

Servo Mold


Servomold uses advanced electric, oil-free servo motors to precisely manage movements eliminating the threat of contamination due to oil leaks while providing accurate real-time feedback to assist in the control of the process. And with this digital connectivity, control of part traceability, in case of process deviations, can be established. The versatility of this system expands the possibilities for the dimensions of the plastic part and by controlling the process, consistent quality parts can be produced… All of this and energy-efficient at the same time.

Using hydraulic driven motors for mold movements does not always allow for the necessary precision required and can lead to the risk of contamination from oil leaks from the motor at same time.

Servomold is a reliable and precise electric servo system, with control of the angular position and speed. Oil free and leak-free, Servomold is ideal for cleanroom projects.

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