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Mainframes FAQ

For metric mold bases, how are the mold bases shipped?

All metric mold bases are shipped DISSASSEMBLED. This is normal practice in Europe. If you order a complete metric mold base from DME, you or your mold maker are expected to assemble the complete mold base when you receive the shipment.

I cannot find CAD files for the DME X-Series, AX-Series, T-Series, nor for any of the Shuttle Mold Bases offered by DME. Is such CAD data available for download?

At this time, no CAD data is available for download for the X-Series, AX-Series, T-Series, or Shuttle Mold bases offered by DME.

What is the difference between a “US Standard” Mold Base, MoldBasics, and Edge Base?

US Standard mold bases by DME refers to the primary DME mold base offering in the USA and Canada. This standard was developed by DME in the late 1940s and has been an industry standard for over 60 years. Today, this includes A-Series, B-Series, X-Series, AX-Series, and T-Series which may vary in the number of plates used but for the most part, component positions in the X- and Y-axis directions are positioned in the same locations. For this reason, only the A-series plan views are detailed in the DME Mold Bases and Plates catalog.

MoldBasics, and Edge Base are modeled after the US Standard A-Series mold base, with some variations. MoldBasics was offered by DME as an economical form of the A-Series with some reduced or simplified features (although the MoldBasics mold base would be produced with the same exacting standards and quality as a US Standard A-Series mold base). For example, a MoldBasics mold base would not be shipped with finished ground parting line surfaces, and the mold maker would be expected to finish-grind the parting line surfaces.The Edge Mold Base is a unique standard offering, modeled after the US Standard A-series. However some of the features are in different positions versus DME A-Series. Please refer to the appropriate pages in the DME Mold Bases and Plates catalog for details specific to the Edge Mold Base.

Where can I find information on metric mold bases and plates?

All information regarding metric mold bases and plates can be found on the DME Europe website, located at https://www.dmeeu.com. Metric plates are not offered as standard in North America, however can be ordered special for you if you require metric mold bases or plates. There may be a premium charge in the special order. Contact DME Customer Service for more information regarding metric mold bases or metric plates.