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Leader Pins FAQ

Are the heads of DME Leader Pins welded?

No, the heads of DME Leader Pins are machined.

I notice that you supply metric Leader Pins (or Guide Pins) with collars. What is the collar used for?

The collar is used to align the top clamp plate to the A plate of the mold. This is a common option for metric mold bases in Europe.

When installing my DME Leader Pin, should I use lubricant? Are there any recommendations for installing my DME Leader pin into my mold?

Yes, it is recommended to use a light lubricant such as oil containing P.T.F.E. Some mold makers or service technicians prefer to use grease however it is important to make sure both the grease and the utensil used to apply the grease (i.e., brush) is clean of any metal chips, flakes, or other debris as this form of debris can bind up between the leader pin and the mold during installation, and could cause galling. During installation is also recommended to install your DME leader pin as straight as possible into the leader pin hole, with pressure applied to the top of the leader pin. Striking the leader pin head on an angle can apply additional side loads that could cause galling during installation.