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DME to introduce new and exciting technology at K-Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany
Madison Heights, Michigan, September 28, 2022

DME, a mold technology leader, will showcase a series of breakthrough solutions based on its industry-leading
and innovative technologies October 19 through 26 at K-Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Featured technology will be
on display in Hall 1, Booth C05.

Today the industry is facing major challenges including rising energy costs, higher inflation rates, disrupted global
supply chains, and the need for more sustainable products. In response, DME is supporting its worldwide
customers with innovative new technologies to lower energy consumption, lower costs through boosted
productivity, and solutions for better sustainability including reduced carbon (CO2) emissions.
Supporting part and mold designers, molders, and tool makers, DME will feature three new platforms: DME Thermal
Management Solutions, DME Modular Mold Systems, and DME Digital Internet of Things (IoT) Controls.

DME Thermal Management – a series of new solutions to aid in the transferring of heat during the injection molding

iControl™ Insulation is an industry breakthrough. The new “encapsulated and insulated” hot runner system reduces energy consumption and boosts the productivity of the injection molding process.
DME Variotherm is a new solution for the design of aesthetic plastic parts allowing matte and gloss finishes within the molding process. This “hot/cold” heating and cooling system cycles from 20 to 200 degrees within
nanoseconds. Major energy savings and avoidance of additional painting steps can be achieved. The technology offers optimal control via extensive time and temperature monitoring, and integrated trend monitoring and can be operated with a variety of tools. Typical applications are high gloss or matte textured interior vehicle panels produced in only 30/60 seconds, free of shrink marks or welding lines.

DME Modular Mold System – DME is launching a number of new mold design solutions including:

SmartONE Hot Runner, a new cost-effective modular hot runner, is available in both open and valve gate options, making it ideal for low cavitation tooling and processing a broad range of resins. Standardized on a global platform for ease and superior economics of aftermarket service.

DME 3D modular mold concepts built on 3D additive technologies enable companies to develop new products faster, at lower cost, and accelerate their launch to market. EZ-Stack™ the industry’s first-ever ball screw device designed for use in stack molds provides more reliable plate control even on the largest of tools.

Accualign™ Lifters, with conformal cooling, features new 3D additive technology to enable companies to overcome cooling challenges even in the most complex geometry parts.
S-Core Collapsible Cores will be featured with new and improved cooling systems to boost output wherever undercuts and unscrewing features are required.

DME Digital IoT Controls – will showcase new DME capabilities to allow IoT connectivity and adaptive
technologies to facilitate connectivity between the devices and the Cloud as well as between devices themselves.
The solution will provide customers with the data and analytics to run efficient and autonomous operations supporting customers’ development of “smart factories” worldwide.
SmartMold mold monitoring incorporates advanced sensor technology to enable scientific molding for measuring and boosting Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with improved system availability, performance, and quality.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tool owners can track their investment for superior asset management and
financial return.

DME M2+ Hot Runner Controllers feature the very latest in digital controls with comprehensive process management
including advanced control options such as valve gate and servo control. DME Connect QR system adds a low-cost solution to allow the end user to connect from the molded parts to the internet opening the door to a wide variety of new high-value service-based solutions.
About DME: DME is a leading global manufacturer of mold technology products with worldwide operations. For 80 years,
DME has provided mold designers and molders with innovative solutions. DME’s standard-setting, comprehensive product
line—including hot runner systems, control systems, and mold-making and molding supplies—is composed of more than 15,000 products.


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