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Internal Latch Lock FAQ

Can the Internal Latch Lock help with guided ejection and ejector assembly return functions?

The optional Internal Latch Lock’s Guided Ejection and Return Sleeves, although not required for the basic function so the unit, can add guided ejection and ejector assembly return functions to the mold base. While these added functions fall within the space requirements of the plate latching mechanism, they do create an early ejection return system that is occasionally required in some applications.

What is the Internal Latch Lock?

The DME Internal Latch Lock is a unique internally-mounted latch lock mechanism that adapts to a number of mold base sizes and plate thicknesses. It allows control of the mold plate opening sequence on mold bases with stripper plates.

What type of applications are typical for the Internal Latch Lock?

The most common applications for the Internal Latch Lock are for DME AX-Series stripper plate mold bases. However, many other types of stripper plate mold bases can also be used with this internal plate latching mechanism.