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Hoist Rings FAQs

How important is position and orientation of my hoist rings in my mold?

Very important. Improper position or orientation of the hoist ring can greatly reduce the load carrying limit of the hoist ring. Please refer to the DME Company and manufacturer’s websites for more details on recommendations for hoist ring position and orientation. Hoist Ring assemblies are proof tested to 200% of rated load capacity. Certificate of proof test accompanies product in packaging. Hoist Ring components are heat treated, magnetic particle inspected, proof load tested, and certified to manufacturing specifications.

Note: If you are using DME metric-type hoist rings in North America or South America, it is recommended to use the metric-type hoist rings offered by DME USA and Canada, as shown in the DME Mold Components Catalog. It is also recommended to use hoist rings instead of eye bolts. Eye bolts do not offer the same load carrying limits as hoist rings, particularly when side-mounted relative to the direction of lift.

I would like to replace the bolt provided with my DME Hoist Ring. Can I use any bolt?

No. You must use the bolt provided with the hoist ring. Replacement bolt kits are offered for both the inch-type and metric-type hoist rings. Bolts with longer thread projection (twice the bolt diameter) are available and recommended for use with softer metals. Please refer to Installation Instructions as described above.
WARNING:It is important to use the bolts provided either with the hoist rings or with the proper replacement kit. Failure to comply can be dangerous and even fatal.

Where do I find installation or usage information for my DME Hoist Ring?

For Inch-type and Metric-type hoist rings offered by DME USA and Canada, the instructions are packaged with the hoist ring assembly. Additional information is stamped onto the locating ring assembly itself. Further installation and engineering information is on the DME website in our Installation Information area. It is recommended to provide the installation instructions and engineering information to your company safety manager. Instructions are defined by the manufacturers of the metric and inch-type hoist rings offered by DME USA and Canada; please go to https://www.jergensinc.com or www.dme.net for more information.
WARNING: It is very important to properly follow all instructions provided. Failure to follow the instructions provided with each product can be dangerous and even fatal. DME Hoist Ring components are not interchangeable with other manufacturers of hoist rings.