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Heat Transfer Compound FAQ

What is the shelf life of Heat Transfer Compound?

6 months to a year. If the syringe is still sealed it is closer to a year.

High Temperature Insulator Sheets FAQs

I am looking for machining information, such as cutter speeds and feed rates, for the material used in the DME Insulator Sheets. Is this available?

Unfortunately this is not available. Do not attempt use laser-cut the material, the material will burn and then melt back together. Water jet cutting will cut the material.

What is the High Temperature Insulator Sheet made of?

Glastherm®, an Asbestos-free, glass-reinforced polymer composite.

What is the maximum compressive strength for the material used in the insulator sheets?

49400 PSI at 75°F (24°C). This compressive strength reduces as temperature increases. Additional information is provided in the DME Mold Components catalog. Additional details including thermal conductivity are also shown in the DME Mold Components catalog.

Where can I find an MSDS sheet for this material?

The MSDS sheet is available for download from the DME website under the resources section under MSDS.