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Galaxy FAQ

Can I process plastic at 600°F using a Galaxy Hot Runner system?

If you are using standard Galaxy tips, you cannot process plastic at a melt temperature that exceeds 480°F. For temperatures higher than 480°F (249°C), you would require a wear-resistant Galaxy tip. Galaxy wear-resistant tips cannot be used with processing temperatures that exceed 635°F (335°C) however each Galaxy system needs to be reviewed prior to quoting by a DME Hot Runner Technical Service Representative, as it may not be recommended to use a Galaxy Hot Runner system for a specific application that processes at 600°F (316°C).

I am interested in a Galaxy Hot Runner Package System from DME, but I want to process glass- filled thermoplastic. Can I do this?
It is acceptable to process certain glass-filled materials (i.e., certain grades of glass-filled Polypropylene) provided wear-resistant tips are used. For information on whether or not a specific grade of filled plastic can be processed using a Galaxy Hot Runner system, please contact your DME Customer Service Representative, who will put you in contact with a DME Hot Runner Technical Service Representative to review your application requirements.

I would like some information on servicing or installing my Galaxy hot runner system. Where can I find that information?

At this time, general installation information for Galaxy nozzles is not available, since Galaxy nozzle assemblies are not sold out of the DME Catalog.
If you need to replace a worn Galaxy nozzle component and do not have the original prints and specifications provided from DME with the Galaxy hot runner system delivery, please contact your DME Customer Service Representative for assistance.

I would like to perform frequent color changes. What do I need to order with the system order?

Gate shell insulators are available for Galaxy nozzle assemblies. Usually a DME Technical Representative will recommend the use of gate shell insulators when it is appropriate to use gate shell insulators. For assistance or if you have questions, please contact your DME Customer Service Representative.