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DIE Casting Products FAQ

Are there any recommendations available for mold open and close strokes, and the type of machine used?

If possible, it is recommended to use a machine that allows you to set your mold open and close speeds. When closing, it is recommended to reduce the closing speed in the last inch or so of travel, to minimize the amount of shock load applied to the two halves of the mold. If this feature is not available, then it is important to follow a frequent preventative maintenance schedule in which the mold base plates and components are checked for condition and either replaced or repaired of damaged.

Are there downloadable CAD files available for Unit Die Holders?

Not at this time. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Can I mix and match sprue spreaders and bushings from the DME Die Casting catalog?

You need to use the proper bushing with the proper sprue spreader. Please refer to the DME Die Casting catalog for more details.

Can I modify a sprue spreader? Where can I find installation instructions (including pocket machining information)?

Constant Area Sprue Spreaders are not permitted to be modified. The regular Sprue Spreader type and the Runner-type sprue spreaders may be modified, and machining instructions are available which detail what form of machining is permitted. Pocket machining details are available for all sprue spreader types. Pocket machining details are also available for the bushings. These instructions are provided with the packaged component. If you would like an electronic copy of the instructions, please contact us.

Can I use sprue spreaders, runner spreaders, or constant area sprue spreaders with die casting Aluminum?

No. These products are not to be used with die casting Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass, Lead, or other non-Zinc materials.

I am trying to find the technical digest 01-80-01 D from NADCA. Does DME offer this technical digest for download?

We do not offer this technical digest for download, because NADCA periodically updates this technical digest, and we are not licensed to provide this information. Please contact NADCA direct to obtain a copy of their latest technical digest.

I do not see all the features in the CAD download for the DME Replacement Units. Is this correct?

At this time, all the critical features are shown in the CAD download file for the DME Replacement Unit. We are continually working to improve our downloadable CAD. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

I would like to order a special die cast sprue spreader. Can I do this?

This is possible however you will be expected to sign a waiver as we cannot guarantee proper functioning or sufficient structural support in the special design. DME Sprue spreaders are specially designed and must not be modified. Additionally, the cost and lead-time of the special spreader may be significantly higher. We recommend that you modify your die to accommodate a standard DME sprue spreader and associated standard DME components as this will ensure longer product life, increased safety, shorter lead times and standard prices.

Is there a simple chart available that explains what spreader is used with what bushing?

Yes. Please contact us and we can provide you with an electronic copy of this chart.

The DME Die Casting catalog specifies that the DME Unit Die Holders, Heavy Duty Unit Die Holders, as well as the Replacement Units and the Heavy Duty Replacement Units, are for Zinc and Aluminum Dies. What about Magnesium?

As stated in the catalog, these products are for Aluminum and Zinc. Some customers have used for Magnesium but this is not the intended purpose. DME instructs that you do not use these products for Magnesium die casting, and if you do use for Magnesium die casting, we cannot guarantee proper part longevity or function.