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AUTOMATIC CLEANING, DIAGNOSTICS & CONSERVATION OF COOLING CHANNELS – Multiple Functions Allow For Comprehensive Maintenance Of Cooling Channels


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Clean lines fewer maintenance issues.

Reduce Cycle Time

Helps maintain proper thermal management culminating in optimized tool performance

Increase Profit

Optimized tool performance increases throughput – increases profit

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Are You Water Lines Running at Peak Effiecency?

Overtime cooling channels will become restricted with scale and corrosion build-up. In some cases, the situation can be so bad the entire channels become completely clogged. The result of restricted flow and poor thermal transfer of heat through the water is sub-optimal cooling. This can lead to lower O.E.E. as cycle times become longer and scrap rates increase. Even with operator adjustments the cooling loss cannot be overcome.

The NEW CoolingCare advanced channel cleaning system with Industry 4.0 capabilities is the all-in-one maintenance solution. Patented technology combines a chemical and mechanical action to free and dissolve the unwanted material.


Multiple Functions Allow For Comprehensive Maintenance Of Cooling Channels

Get THIS Out of Your System!
  • DIAMETER (BORE) TEST – Channel leak verification before and after cleaning
  • BLOCKAGE TEST – Detection of clogged channels linked to unclogging procedure
  • DIAGNOSTICS – Flow rate measurement of every channel, comparison of the results with the archived data
  • CLEANING – Patent pending channel cleaning process based on two-way pulsating movement of cleaning medium
  • NEUTRALIZATION & CONSERVATION – Protection of channels with corrosion inhibitors at the end of the rinsing process
  • REPORTING – Record of all process parameters in the database, export of cleaning reports to external devices


The one-of-a-kind DME CoolingCare mold channel cleaner is optimized for cleaning both conventional and conformal cooled channels.

  • User friendly interface
  • Fully Automatic – operators are only required to connect the mold and define the channels to be cleaned.
  • A unique design allowing for independent and efficient cleaning of channels in most mold applications.
  • Advanced archiving system supporting the correct mold maintenance throughout the entire mold operation time.
  • High pulsation dynamics of cleaning allows for less aggressive cleaning media-safe for steel, aluminum, copper and bronze.
  • Intelligent monitoring of the cleaning process – the device recognizes when the desired flow rate values are reached and finishes cleaning.

Industry 4.0 Technology

Featuring: Self-Optimization, Intelligent Service and CoolingCare Connect.
CoolingCare features cutting edge functions for comprehensive all-in-one maintenance of cooling channels. 

Self-Optimization: An advanced monitoring feature enables the machine to clean until a pre-defined flow rate is obtained or the flow rate becomes consistent. This intelligent feature drives efficiency by adjusting the cleaning cycle accordingly. The ultimate results are maximum cleaning efficiency, and reduced labor costs.

Intelligent Service: uses a built in modem for on-line diagnostics and service. This allows for remote diagnostics of machine malfunction by a service technician. Such a feature reduces and may prevent downtime for machine service related issues.

CoolingCare Connect allows an operator to communicate with the machine via text massages. The machine will send a message to the phone of the defined user alerting them of an alarm (up to 17 alarms can be triggered) for unexpected events such as a failed pressure or blockage test, as well as process completion notifications for lights out cleaning. The operator can also send a test message “S” to the machine requesting its current status. The machine will automatically reply via text message informing the operator of its current mode/action.

This feature requires a GSM card (user provided) to be placed in the modem of the machine for wireless external communications.

The CoolingCare Connect machine’s database allows for the export of cleaning reports to external devices by means of a USB. CoolingCare Connect technology protects your investments, improves profitability, and provides a low maintenance solution to the high maintenance challenges surrounding cooling channels

See It in Action

The DME CoolingCare mold cleaning system, was created specifically to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of intricate conformal cooling channels. Its design and implemented functions are the result of practical experience gathered throughout years of designing, manufacturing and using inserts with conformal cooling in injection molding applications.




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