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Buy Industrial Grade Wire Cutters From DME

At DME We Sell Industrial Grade Wire Cutters From DME


Our wire cutters are extremely resilient. When you are working, pick a comfortable tool that is efficient and will survive for a very long time. Our resilient wire cutters are typically used to remove the plastic gates in factories as plastic parts come out of the machines. These faithful cutters work their way through thousands of cuts over and over again for about 8-12 hours a day. The reliable cuts, comfortable handles, and ever-sharp clippers have made our FF7Plus a staple of the industrial industry.

The FF7Plus came into existence for the express purpose of cutting through tough materials like plastic and wires. For electricians, home improvers, and hobbyists the DME FF7Plus is an excellent way to work longer, faster harder, and more comfortably.  You’ll get more done in less time because you can rely on our wire cutters to get the job done. Visit us to get started today!