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Buy Nippers From DME


Hobbyists rejoice DME is selling industrial-grade nippers. Whether you are building models, tying wires, doing home improvement, or working your trade, DME’s nippers have the durability and reliability to get the job done. Initially designed to cut the excess plastic off a part thousands of times as it comes off the industrial line, these nippers are built to be used continuously under heavy strain. For example, our ff7 was designed to reliably perform thousands of cuts on a factory floor while being comfortable, being ergonomically efficient, and providing a consistent clear cut with use. These nippers have the reliability that will put other hobbiests to shame. Gate cutters are another name for Nippers. 


Introducing our latest innovation, the DME FF7 Plus – a cutting-edge nipping tool to revolutionize your craftsmanship. With its precision cutting blade and ergonomic grip, the ProCut 2000 ensures clean and effortless cuts every time. Upgrade your toolbox with the power of DME and experience the difference in quality, performance, and reliability. Trust DME to be with you every step of the way on your journey as a passionate hobbyist or professional tradesperson. Shop now and unleash your full creative potential with DME nippers!