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Bushings For Leader Pins FAQ

What is the difference between DME Bronze-Plated Leader Pin Bushings and DME Self-Lubricating Leader Pin Bushings?

The bronze-plated bushings are bronze-plated over steel. The Self-lubricating bushings are made from a Bronze-Aluminum alloy and have oil-impregnated graphite plugs. Both types differ from regular steel bushings by increasing lubricity. The bronze-plating can wear over time on the bronze-plated bushings, while the Bronze-Aluminum alloy used in the Self-Lubricating bushings does not have the same tensile or compressive strength as steel. As such, a good preventative maintenance program is always recommended when using leader pins and bushings, as components can wear over time. This applies to all bushing types, including bronze-plated guided ejection bushings, self-lubricating guided ejection bushings, and regular steel leader pin bushings.