DME Accualign Lifter

The world most advanced FULLY Self-Aligning Modular Mold Undercut Release System for high-quality undercuts.

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DME Accualign Lifter

Precision From Every Angle

Mold alignment is a critical element of the molding process. When alignment issues arise molders can find they are dealing with problems ranging from part quality issues to full mold seizure. Avoid these issue by maximizing the accuracy and flexibility of your mold plate alignment with DME’s Accualign Lifters.

Lifters Binding and Breaking? Problem Solved

Self-Adjusting & Self-Locating

Accualign lifters are full of design features to compensate for thermal expansion and mold miss alignment preventing binding and ultimately breakage. The ball adapter rides in the shoe and allows the rod and bar to self-adjust to the correct non-binding position vertically. The dovetail connection between the rod/bar and the ball adapter to adjust horizontally making this lifter the most dependable, self-adjusting, precision lifter unit on the market.

Accualign side-by-side
dme accullign lifters

Avoid lifters binding & breaking by installing DME Accualign Lifter.


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