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Cashew Gate Inserts FAQ

What is the difference between DME Bronze-Plated Leader Pin Bushings and DME Self-Lubricating Leader Pin Bushings?

The bronze-plated bushings are bronze-plated over steel. The Self-lubricating bushings are made from a Bronze-Aluminum alloy and have oil-impregnated graphite plugs. Both types differ from regular steel bushings by increasing lubricity. The bronze-plating can wear over time on the bronze-plated bushings, while the Bronze-Aluminum alloy used in the Self-Lubricating bushings does not have the same tensile or compressive strength as steel. As such, a good preventative maintenance program is always recommended when using leader pins and bushings, as components can wear over time. This applies to all bushing types, including bronze-plated guided ejection bushings, self-lubricating guided ejection bushings, and regular steel leader pin bushings.


Cashew Gate Inserts FAQs

Can I download CAD files for the DME Cashew Gate Inserts? Do these CAD files include the internal geometry of the cashew?

CAD MODELS are available from our web site. Yes the internal geometry is shown.

Can I run filled resin (including glass filled resin) through a DME Cashew Gate Insert?

Yes, up to 60% glass filled on some inserts.

Can you provide a special size cashew gate insert?

No, these are MiM molded, custom cashew gates are not available.

Can you provide any general recommendations in selecting, using or placing the DME Cashew Gate inserts in my mold?

In the Cashew gate catalog, there is a section guide that helps you choose the cashew gate by shot weight, resin type and viscosity. DME can help you in the selection process.

Send us your part model in step format (please expand your model to the correct shrink)

List the resin type

Give us a general idea where you want the gate

Send this information to [email protected]

We will select the correct gate, put in your model with subtraction, add runner , runner pin height and location. This is a 24 hour service.