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Smart Series® Me Hot Runner Temperature Controllers

Simple… Powerful… Compact… Robust

servomold® Unscrewing Device

Precision, Reliability and Durability Come Standard… Simplify and Automate Your Mold


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Hot Runner Service Center

From repairs and system cleaning to total system rebuilds and mold tryouts, DME is the single hot runner maintenance & optimization source – Click here to learn more.


Temperature Control Repairs & Calibration

DME offers repair services for all of our temperature control mainframes, modules and fully integrated units – Click here to learn more.


ProService with CoolingCare advanced channel cleaning

Regain your tool’s cooling performance with DME ProService – Click here to learn more.

Applications Engineering Services

The DME Applications Engineering Department is focused on one thing – to help you produce better parts – Click here to learn more.

Moldflow Services

DME uses Moldflow Plastics Insight software, an integrated suite of analysis tools, to enable a virtual ‘what if’ design environment before beginning mold construction – Click here to learn more.

Machining Services

DME has a breadth of machining capabilities to custom manufacture to your exact designs, from large to small freeing up your resources to work on  high value core and cavities – Click here to learn more.

Barrel Resleeving & Repair

DME offers a high-quality alternative to competitive barrel resleeving and repair options with fast turnaround time to maximize your uptime – Click here to learn more.