Plastic Cutters

plastic cutters

Plastic cutters are cutters that were built and designed to cut plastic, but that can be resused for other purposes. These cutters have been used for plastic modeling and are a staple of the modeling hobby community. These cutters can be used for bonzai tree maintenance as well as for percision gardening, such as trimming a tomatoe plant. These cutters can also be used for cutting wires. You can also use these for cutting excess plastic on 3d printer prints.

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At DME, we sell a number of different types of plastic cutters. We sell standard plastic cutters and premium plastic cutters. The premium ones tend to last longer than the standard ones and come at a slightly higher price.

plastic cutters premium plastic cutters

Standard Plastic Cutters

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Standard plasitc cutters are the premere cutters to use for hobbies like modeling, (building plastic airplates, ships.ect), for cutting excess plastic in 3d printing. These can be used for percision gardening for projects like bonzai trees or snipping small branches on a bush or vines on a tomato plant.

Premium Plastic Cutters

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Premium plastic cutters can do the same activities listed for the standard cutters, but, they are made from stronger steel, so the springs and blade are stronger and can perform a higher number of cuts.

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