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DME has been supporting mould makers since the 1940s, and after seven decades we’re still at the forefront of new and innovative technology evolving within the moulding industry. Precision components, state of the art monitoring and control, industry 4.0 maintenance systems are all available at DME. Our goal is your goal; reduce cost and maximize productivity.


DME Configurator

Reduce overall cost and timing by adapting to a premanufactured mould base. Simply select the size that best fits your cavitation layout

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Buy product online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Every Part… Every Step of The Way.

Expert Services

Mould Making is an art form and you can rely on the seasoned professionals at DME to understand and support your day-to-day needs.

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Engineered Tooling Solutions

A truly global partner, DME has been a leader in the industry for generations and now is stepping up the game again with virtually anything needed to build a mould. We provide everything needed including full bundled solutions; fittings, insulator sheets, mould bases, melt delivery, conformal cooling, action and ultimately proper mold care and maintenance systems and services. Why just get the minimum out of your mould when you can get the maximum through DME.


mold base

“I’ve worked with DME for a long time – and I insist that we keep working with them – because they consistently have the strongest, longest-lasting, most advanced products on the market. They have excellent engineering services, as well. I’m confident we’ll always get what I need with DME, and they’re always right there to help us along.”
Boyd Wiser
  Operations Manager- Freeform Polymers

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Your Design

In order to reap the full benefits of DME we would like to help you design the optimal mould base around your plastic part.

DME is your partner for a designed solution that provide you and your customer with the lowest possible mold cost over the mould lifecycle. DME provides solutions that optimize the management of the melt, reviews the efficiency of heat transfer and the ease of part removal all within the DME mould base. Contact DME today and let us help guide you to a toll that will provide optimal space, improve part quality and reduce cycle time.


Our Portfolio

Seven decades of experience DME has developed a large breadth of steel plate chemistry named DME Xpress, Euro series both blank and drilles and  address the needs of the mold market.

Whether you’re looking for an Aluminum Proto type mould, a medical application in Stainless, or a plate for a highly abrasive glass filled PVC application DME has the right steel for the job. Not only does DME have the steel to fit your application needs we also have it in the form you require, Starting with finish ground plate, DME machine plate or pre-pocketed, DME special 30 bases, off the shelf DME XPress™, XPress Hybrid, XPress Plus, and the highly interchange able MUD units are all available to meet your application and delivery needs.

Our Capabilities

With our conveniently located North American Steel Conversion Centers. DME provides its customers with an unmatched range of machining services, quality, and quick delivery. DME offer the best in class manufacturing services including CNC machining, grinding and turning, gun drilling, and milling. Which allow DME to provide contour cavity and core roughing, water lines, and any other features require so you can add the finish touches in the most efficient way. Our flexible manufacturing services run 24/7, providing you with efficient, cost effective solution.


 The DME Configurator

Reduce overall cost and timing by adapting to a pre-manufactured mold base. Simply select the size that best fits your cavitation layout.

  • Available on DME eSTORE
  • Supports infinite combinations
  • Generates quotes & immediate ordering
  • Builds downloadable CAD files
  • Automatically incorporates mould components

eSTORE 24/7 Online

Using DME’s online eSTORE, you have the flexibility to order an almost endless selection of products for building, running and maintaining injection moulds.

  • 24/7 operation
  • Over 30,000 products
  • Member discounts
  • Integrated configurator
  • In depth details and specification
  • Easy to navigate/user friendly
  • Account maintains all order records for easy re-ordering
  • Free shipping *(subject to conditions)

Expert Engineering & Customer Service

Are you tired of the automation and getting caught in loops on the phone when you need help the most? With DME customer service, you speak to a DME representative that is professional and knowledgeable about our products.

DME’s experts in engineering have a long history in the mould world. Whether it’s mould assembly, benching and spotting, milling, grinding, CAD systems, analysis capabilities or press operation, our engineers are well skilled and experienced in moulding.

If cycle or warpage reduction is what your looking for, or reducing waste in material, time and energy, DME understands and is ready, at your side to provide any moulding solutions you need.


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Automatic Maintenance, Diagnostics & Conservation of Cooling Channels


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FreshStart Purging Compounds

When you need MORE than just another purging compound.

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