For Cimcool “fluid technology” is more than just a slogan; it’s been their business & culture for more than 65 years. Providing machining fluids formulated to fill the needs of the Mold Making industry; Cimcool is the premiere choice in metalworking fluids.



Longer Fluid Life


Excellent Cleanliness


Extends Tool Life

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Superior Fluid Technologies

Cimcool Metal Working Fluids

For over 65 Years
The fluid the molding industry counts on for Precision Metal Removal and Production Maintenance Cleaners for metalworking applications.


The Advanced Technology CimCool “Z” Fluids Features:

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Longer Fluid Life
  • Excellent Cleanliness
  • Extended Tool Life

Used with DME Steel for superior machining performance and tool quality.

CIMCOOL Metalworking Fluids

  • Enhanced Productivity – In Many Cases, Only Changing The Metalworking Fluid Has Provided Dramatic Productivity Increases
  • Longer Fluid Life – Excellent Rancidity Control, Minimizes The Need For Additives, Reduces Concentrate Usage
  • Excellent Cleanliness – Keeps Product Clean, Extended Sump Life, Superior Operator Acceptance
  • Extended Tool Life – Improves Part Quality and Lowers Tool Usage and In Many Cases, Improved Tool Life up to 40%

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CIMCLEAN® 30 is a multipurpose cleaner.
CIMGUARD® 10 is a general purpose solvent-based corrosion preventative.
CIMPERIAL® 1060CF-HFP with FACT is a soluble oil metalworking fluid for moderate to heavy duty operations.
CIMSTAR® 10-565VLC is a VALUE-LINE semi-synthetic metalworking fluid.
CIMSTAR® 700 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid.
CIMSTAR® QUAL STAR XL is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid..
CIMTAP® II a water soluble general purpose tapping compound.
CIMTECH® 320 metalworking fluid is recommended for machining.
CIMTECH® 400 with MSL® is a clear, water-based synthetic metalworking fluid.
CIMTECH® 410C metalworking fluid is recommended for machining and grinding operations.
MILPRO® 840CF is a general purpose oil recommended for machining and grinding operations.

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