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Mold Temperature Regulator
The compact, simple-to-operate device for heating and
maintaining con­stant mold tem­per­a­ture. It can be difficult
to settle a mold into a steady-state con­di­tion. Now with
the in­no­va­tive mold tem­per­a­ture regulator, your work is
done by your new best friend. You can heat your mold
using oth­er­wise wasted energy, and the mold temperature
regulator holds your temperature on point regardless
of variables thrown its way.
Unlike conventional mold temperature
con­trol­lers. This re­quires no power to op­er­ate,
relying instead on the tried and true laws of
physics to modulate the tem­per­a­ture of molds.
The mold temperature regulator indirectly
controls mold tem­per­a­ture by mod­u­lat­ing
the rate of flow of coolant through the mold.
It installs, powerfree, right on the coolant line
exiting the mold. On a basic level, it’s really
just a fancy thermostat - faster flow removes
more heat, cooling the mold; slow flow
removes less heat, heating the mold.
On a more technical level, the mold
temperature regulator uses thermal expansion
with a proprietary heat exchange fluid. The
user picks a setpoint with a dial on the mold
temperature regulator; a conical valve moves
toward or away from the seat to modulate
flow, de­pend­ing upon the setpoint. And the
device is designed with controlled flow, so that
some fluid is always flowing through the mold
temperature regulator - that is, you can’t shut
off coolant flow with the mold tem­per­a­ture
reg­u­la­tor. The tem­per­a­ture dial on the current
mold temperature regulator allows water
tem­per­a­ture setpoints from 80°F to 120°F.
It’s unaffected by pressure chang­es.
It’s unaffected by supply water tem­per­a­ture
It reduces the headaches of main­tain­ing different
temperature zones.
It’s nearly maintenance free.
It saves you money up front and conserves energy
Automatically adjusts for variations
in jet water temperature and pressure.
Part Number
Width Length Height PSI Weight
” NPT inlet and
” NPT outlet
2.95” 6.02” 1.72” 150 3 lbs.
” quick-connect coupler and plug 2.95” 6.02” 1.72” 150 3 lbs.
” quick-connect coupler and plug 2.95” 6.02” 1.72” 150 3 lbs.
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