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Painted and Stainless
Steel Manifolds
Painted Steel Manifolds:
Our painted steel water manifolds help you increase cycles through more efficient water distribution.
They help you tidy your hoses while reducing the number of hoses to mold. Mount the manifolds close to
your mold for maximum flow volumes. Platen-mounted manifolds reduce hose lengths (if you plan
to keep platen-mounted manifolds in storage with your mold, we recommend that you select our anodized
aluminum or stainless steel manifolds.
Manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel with threaded couplings welded in place. Pre-drilled mounting
brackets for easy mounting to your mold platens or temperature controller are included.
Stainless Steel Manifolds:
All the benefits of our painted steel manifolds: better water distribution for increased cycles, reduced
number of hoses, tidier hose arrangements...and a big PLUS: NO RUST OR CORROSION. If your plant has
poor water quality, the extra investment in stainless steel pays off fast in lower maintenance and maximum
flow volumes at all times. If you platen-mount the manifolds, you can put them into storage with no fear
or rust.
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