DME Mold Components

92 U.S. 800-626-6653 Canada 800-387-6600 Collapsible Cores RT-Series Mini Collapsible Core COLLAPSIBLE MINI-CORES RT-Series Mini Collapsible Cores *To determine maximum dimension of moldable undercut, reduce the amount of collapse per side shown in the table above by .020 per inch of part height requiring collapse. NOTES: 1. Cores listed above include core, center pin, positive collapse sleeve, clamping ring and a special, non-bladed center pin arbor required for proper core grinding. 2. Collapsible Mini-Cores with longer molding lengths, special diameters, collapse or number of segments will be quoted on request. For larger diameters (up to 3.535"), see Collapsible Cores. O.A.L. 5.940in (150.88mm) A B C COLLAPSING SEGMENTS (3) NON-COLLAPSING CENTER PIN BLADES (3) ROOT DIAMETER OF THREAD OR UNDERCUT MOLDED CAP COLLAPSED UNCOLLAPSED SHUT-OFF L COLLAPSING SEGMENTS (3) STRIPPER INSERT IN STRIPPER PLATE NON-COLLAPSING CENTER PIN BLADES (3) CORE SLEEVE WITH (3) COLLAPSING SEGMENTS CENTER PIN WITH (3) NON-COLLAPSING BLADES EJECTOR PLATE ASSEMBLY COOLING HOLE IN CENTER PIN ALIGNMENT FLATS ON CORE SLEEVE AND CENTER PIN POSITIVE COLLAPSE SLEEVE (INCLUDED) H Patent Pending Easily mold parts with closures as small as 13mm The Collapsible Mini-Core broadens the applications of collapsible core molds for closures as small as 13mm. Due to the smaller diameters involved, these Mini- Cores employ three larger collapsing segments combined with three narrow, non-collapsing blades, which are an integral part of the center pin. As a result, up to 80% full threads or undercuts can be molded. The function of the collapsing core also permits threads to stop at any point along the molded length threads need not run out to the top of the core as with unscrewing molds. If a seal is required in the top of the closure, an undercut can be molded into the part to hold such a seal in place. The collapsing action also permits a longer threaded area to be formed, without adding to the cycle time or requiring long rack and pinion mechanisms. In addition to threads, other configurations such as dimples, cut-outs or protrusions beyond the capabilities of unscrewing molds can be successfully molded. Three standard sizes of Collapsible Mini-Cores are available, for 13-16, 17-20 and 21-24mm closures. Full technical details on core grinding and stripper plate mold construction are included in the Collapsible Core and Collapsible Mini- Core Design & Assembly Guide contact DME for a copy. ITEM NUMBER FOR CLOSURE DIAMETER RANGE A MAX O.D. OF THREAD OR CONFIG B MIN I.D. OF THREAD OR CONFIG H CENTER PIN DIAMETER (AT TOP OF CORE) WIDTH OF (3) NON-COLLAPSING CENTER OF PIN BLADES (AT TOP OF CORE) L MAX WORKING LENGTH (INCL MOLD SHUT-OFF) C COLLAPSE PER SIDE AT TOP OF CORE* MM INCH MM INCH MM INCH MM INCH MM INCH MM INCH MM CCM0001 13-16 .645 16.38 .425 10.80 .300 7.62 .170 4.32 .850 21.59 .052 1.32 CCM0002 17-20 .805 20.45 .560 14.22 .420 10.67 .190 4.83 .850 21.59 .057 1.45 CCM0003 21-24 .965 24.51 .710 18.03 .560 14.22 .200 5.08 1.000 25.40 .059 1.50