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66 U.S. 800-626-6653 ¦ Canada 800-387-6600 ¦ ¦ ¦ VectorForm Lifter Systems Overview VECTORFORM LIFTER SYSTEMS Overview (0.5° MIN) (0.5° MIN) (0.5° MIN) VectorForm Lifter Advantages • 30°+ Angle – Half the stroke for the same undercut • Simple plate machining • Easy installation • May be ganged – Multiple systems may be “ganged” to lift a large lifter core – A single system can lift multiple lifter cores • Accelerate or decelerate the motion of the lifter core relative to the ejector plate • Cooling may be added • Design exibility is improved General installation. Standard Slide Base in typical ejector plate installation shown. Angled Slide Base installation may be used to accelerate or decelerate the action of the VectorForm Lifter System. In this example, the VectorForm Lifter System movement is decelerated relative to the movement of the ejector plate. Universal Slide Base shown in typical ejector plate installation. Standard Joint Universal