DME Mold Components

U.S. 800-626-6653 ¦ Canada 800-387-6600 ¦ ¦ ¦ 186 Mold Interlocks IN2 Mold Interlock Benefits MOLD INTERLOCKS IN2 Mold Interlock Benefits DME Side Interlocks provide: • Accurate alignment of mold halves • Easy installation • Easy and cost-effective maintenance • Industry-compatible sizes Installation • Install four (4) IN2 Side Interlocks per mold (one per side) • Install IN2 Side Interlocks on the Center Line of each side of the mold • Replace IN2 Interchangeable Inserts as desired Precision tolerancing, precision manufacturing means off-the- shelf interchangeability DME IN2 TM Mold Interlocks are manufactured to exacting standards. Precise dimensional and geometrical tolerances ensure interchangeability. Interchangeability that no one else in the industry matches – no one . Precision tolerancing and manufacturing ensures that all DME IN2 Mold Interlock components are interchangeable – off-the-shelf. Replace any DME IN2 Mold Interlock component independently – no need to replace the entire set. No one else offers this level of interchangeability – no one. The DME Standard of Interchangeable Interlock Components sets DME apart from the industry. And now… DME offers another innovation: IN2 Innovative Interlocks with Interchangeable Inserts . Interchangeable Inserts offer you simple, cost-effective maintenance. No need to replace the entire set when you use IN2 Innovative Interlocks with Interchangeable Inserts . Patent No. U.S. 6,921,256 B2