DME Mold Components

U.S. 800-626-6653 ¦ Canada 800-387-6600 ¦ ¦ ¦ 166 CounterView Mold Counter CVe Monitor ® COUNTERVIEW ® MOLD COUNTER CVe Monitor ® Expanding beyond the capabilities of the Counterview R-Series and 100/200 Series, the new CVe Monitor v2 tracks mold activity, allowing users to view the data on the display or from comprehensive reports using OnDemand software or the new CVe System. Bene ts • 7-digit LCD display with a push button to move through the display modes • 4GB ash drive for le storage and 4+ year battery life • Water resistant with an ingress protection rating of IP52 • Maximum temperature: 190° F (90° C) • Dimensional compatibility with mechanical CounterViews Each device is provided at -25 cycles to allow for mold setup and initialization of the CVe Monitor. Once it reaches zero, all timers and data will reset on the monitor. During production, users can press the button on the front of the monitor and review the following information on the display: Users can utilize the 4GB flash drive on the CVe Monitor by connecting the device to a PC using an industry-standard mini USB cable (see next page). Users press the button to get to the flash drive mode and then the storage area is represented on the PC by a new drive letter. CVe Monitor is a registered trademark of AST Technology. Patents granted and pending for AST Technology. Cycle Time Since the first production cycle, the cycle time is shown in seconds for the life of the mold. Cycle Count Total cycles for the life of the mold is presented on the main screen of the CVe Monitor. Cycle Time - Recent Cycle time for the past 25,000 cycles. Efficiency Percentage The percentage of time that the mold has been actively cycling vs being idle. Efficiency Percentage - Recent The percentage of time the mold has been active in the past 25,000 cycles. Cycle Count Reset A separate counter that can be reset to zero for interim monitoring of cycles when pressed and held. Mounting Options On-Mold Display Modes OEM-specific CVe Monitors are available with additional features. Contact DME for more information. 1.125 (28mm) Screws (2) Mounting Block Internal Mounting Internal Mounting with Extension Rod External Mounting with Mounting Block How to order: • For installation below parting line (i.e. rails as shown in center drawing above), order (1) CVENTID or CVENTMD • For installation outside of the mold (right drawing) order (1) CVEMBID or CVEMBMD General Description ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION MOUNTING STYLE SCREWS (2) CVEPLID CVe Inch Parting Line #8-32 x 1" SHCS CVEPLMD CVe Metric Parting Line M4 x 25mm SHCS CVENTID CVe Inch (with 8”rod) Extension (Includes 8" rod) #8-32 x 1" SHCS CVENTMD CVe Metric (with 203mm rod) Extension (Includes 203mm rod) M4 x 25mm SHCS CVEMBID CVe Inch (with Mounting Block) Parting Line #8-32 x 1” SHCS CVEMBMD CVe Metric (with Mounting Block) Parting Line M4 x 25mm SHCS REPLACEMENT PARTS ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION CVEINT Internal Extension Rod (8”/203mm) including a hex key for CVe Monitor set screw removal CVEXT External Mounting Block including #8-32 x 1” SHCS (2) CVEXT2 External Mounting Block including M4x25mm SHCS (2)