DME Mold Components

100 U.S. 800-626-6653 Canada 800-387-6600 Custom Expandable Cavities Expandable Cavity Systems, Custom CUSTOM EXPANDABLE CAVITY SYSTEMS Expandable Cavity System Features and Benefits Broad range of benefits Simple design The revolutionary design and engineering of the Expandable Cavity saves steps and solves problems that have complicated plastics molding for years. In addition to simplifying new tooling design, it can be retrofit to existing molds. More reliable Complete reliability of the Expandable Cavity is assured, not only by the simplicity of the design, but also by the use of superior materials and proven proprietary processing techniques. You can count on minimal downtime and higher productivity. The Expandable Cavity has been field tested over several million cycles. More compact Using the DME Expandable Cavity allows you to design more cavities in each mold. Speeds molding process The Expandable Cavity concept eliminates the need for slide-action mechanisms and the additional machining steps they require. Various part ejection methods can be employed. Speeds development The Expandable Cavity concept simplifies the engineering required to design and manufacture a new cavity. This means that your new products go into production in less time than was previously possible. As the mold opens, segments are released automatically to the expanded position, and the part is released. The Expandable Cavity is maintained under compression during molding. U.S. Patent Numbers 5,387,389 D 356,320 Lowers development and processing costs The Expandable Cavity saves money at every step from initial tooling to processing to maintenance. Intelligent engineering reduces or eliminates many costly factors such as complex design details, core slides and required mechanical components, added maintenance and replacement of high-wear items often found in traditional slide action molds.