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New DME Products

New Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles deliver faster mold cooling and reduced cycle times. An innovative plastic baffle design creates turbulence within the coolant to increase heat transfer and cool parts more quickly than traditional baffles. The turbulent flow plastic baffles feature a proprietary design that promotes uniform flow of cooling liquid, and seals the plastic blade of the baffle within the mold’s cooling channels to ensure uniform cooling. They are less expensive than brass baffles and because they can be cut to length with standard shears, there is no need for secondary procedures associated with cutting and soldering traditional brass baffles.

Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles Perform Better Than Traditional Brass Baffles

Mold Components

New Thinswitch


Liquid-Resistant Limit Switch

Designed to verify ejector plate return in areas where occasional water or oil spray is present. The new Liquid Resistant Thinswitch Limit Switch helps prevent accidental mold closure in injection molding applications by providing a position switch that is tied to the injection molding machine control. TSW2222, the new Global Thinswitch ® is specially designed for use in injection molds with less clearance between the ejector and clamp plates. This side mount design also includes a space plate to permit easy fit into standard mold bases.

Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders

Get the HLCP Cylinder Advantage! The Hydraulic Locking Core Pull (HLCP) Cylinder replaces traditional slides and heel blocks, enabling independent movement of the sliding core while eliminating the need for a heel block. By using a segmente


ring that presses into an internal groove inside the cylinde


assembly while in closed position, the injection pressure from the part cavity acts against the cross section of the segmented ring, eliminating the need for heel blocks.

Keyed Ejector Pins Ideal for High Temperature Applications

Featuring a precision-machine


flat on head to prevent the pin from rotating, these pins are constructed from a superior shock-resistant hotwork stee


Ideal for high-temperature applications, the Keyed Ejector Pin from DME provides a core hardness of 50-55 HRC and annealed hot-forged heads for uniform grain flow and easier machining.

Industry’s Best Line of Black and Gold Interlocks Expands

The DME line of Black and Gold Interlocks, the industry’s best due to a melonite surface treat- ment that improves wear and corrosion resistance for more positive alignment over the life of a mold, has been expanded to offer Shuttle Side and Top Locks and metric sizes. As with all DME Black and Gold Interlocks, they feature industry- leading interchangeability. Instead of having to replace them in pairs as traditionally required, processors can replace each independently thanks to the precision manufacturing and tolerances in place.



Mold Cooling Products

The new MoldBasics line of mold cooling products offer


a complete range of hose connectors including socke


plugs, extension plugs and replacement seals. They complement DME’s popular Jiffy-Tite ® line of hose connectors to meet a wider range of market needs. MoldBasics connectors offer high standards of quality construction at a much lower cost than competitors’ products. All connectors feature leak-proof construction combining brass and stainless steel. They have a maximu


rated capacity of 200 psi and can withstand temperatures up to 400°F with supplied Viton seals.