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New DME Products

DME Mold Components Offer Wide Range of Benefits

To help you meet the unprecedented demands you have for speed, cost reduction and performance, DME

continually strives to be an essential resource, and a provider that contributes to your success every step of

the way. These recent new mold component introductions represent a renewed commitment to delivering the

exceptional service, support, knowledge and reach that have been the hallmarks of DME for seven decades.

Expanded Offering of Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Devices

Mold Components

DME has expanded its offering of Helical Gear Stack Mold

Centering Systems, including all necessary components

as part of a customized package. The systems save mold-

makers the time and expense previously required to design,

engineer, and source from multiple suppliers. For more

information on Stack Molds and other Multi-Parting Line

(MPL) systems, visit


Quick Strip


Ejection System

The New Standard for

Part Ejection

With its ability to cut up to half

the time and cost required for

traditional ejection, Quick Strip

is the new standard for part

ejection. Mold construction is

simplified with Quick Strip

because there is no need to

focus on the design, machining and operation of ejector

housings. No ejector retainer plate. No ejector plate.

No ejector holes to be machined and reamed.

Industry’s Smallest Size Compact Dual-Ring Mold Dating Insert

DME saves space and

complexity in dating plastic

parts by combining month and

date rings in the industry’s

smallest dual-ring, multi-dating,

indexable mold dating insert

(MDI). At just 10mm diameter

x 12mm high, the new DME

Dual-Ring MDI is noticeably

smaller than competitive offerings. The miniaturized unit

features a 12-month outer ring and a six-year inner ring.

The product also features DME’s patented “snap-in-place”

design to ensure that the inner insert remains fixed in the

proper indexed position.

Unprecedented Tolerances for New DME Close Tolerance Pins

DME’s new Close

Tolerance series of

ejector pins – featuring

an unprecedented

0.0002-inch dimensional

tolerance – are made of

hardened M2 tool steel,

improving their ability to

absorb deflection without damage. Known as close tolerance

through-hard ejector pins, they are popular for any application

where close tolerance is critical.

Expandable Cavities Now Available in Standard Sizes

The Expandable Cavity

(EX-CAV) simplified design

cuts costs to mold and

release external profiles

on circular plastic parts

reliably. The product is

ideal for parts such as

bottle caps, threads,

snap rings, barbs, convex

grooves, protrusions, logo detail, etc. Expandable Cavities

eliminate the need for traditional slide action assemblies,

thereby allowing higher cavitation within the same mold

footprint to increase productivity.