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Table of Contents

Mold Components

Slide Action Components

Molding Undercuts

Plate and Pin Control

Cavity and Core Components

Mold Dating Inserts – Dual Ring, Indexable, Front Removable 205-209 Recycling Inserts 210 Vortex Core Pins and Plugs 211-217 Sintered Vents 218-220 Air Poppet Valves 221-222 Cashew Gate Inserts 223-224 Runner Shut-Off Inserts 225-226 New DME Products 6-7 Terms and Conditions of Sale 8 Sales and Ordering Information 9 Your Essential Resource 10 Slide Retainers 14-20 Angle Pins and Angle Pin Inserts 21-23 Wear Plates 24-27 Gib Assemblies 28-32 Versa-Slide Standard Slides 33-51 Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders 52-57 UniLifter Systems 61-65 VectorForm Lifter Systems 66-79 Hydraulic Unscrewing Device 80-89 Collapsible Cores 90-94 Expandable Cavity Systems, Standard 95-97 Expandable Cavity Systems, Custom 98-103 Expandable Cavity Systems, Typical Parts & Molding Layouts 105-107 Quote Request Form: Expandable Cavity Systems 104 Stack Mold Systems Overview 111-114 Helical Gear Stack Mold System 115-119 CAD Data Resources 120 2-Stage Ejectors 121-140 Mold Plate Operation 141-174 Limit Switches 178-181 Innovative Mold Interlocks 182-201

Internal Latch Lock

Accelerated Ejectors

Latch Locks and Pullers

Counterview Mold Counters


In2, Straight-Side, X-Style

Parting Line, Tapered

Black & Gold Interlocks

Mold Straps