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Benefits of Standard Mold Base

Assemblies and Components

Mold Bases and Plates

Mold Bases and Plates


Benefits of Standard Mold Base Assemblies and Components

Seven major benefits of DME Standard Mold Base Assemblies and Components

1. Made of high quality, pre-finished mold and die steels that give you more for your money;

more metallurgical consistency; more cleanliness in cavity steels; more reliability.

2. Assemblies, plates and components are pre-engineered to give you the economic and technical

benefits of interchangeability.

3. Manufactured with the most advanced, precision equipment – and quality control

tested to give you reliable performance.

4. Gives designers more freedom and flexibility – more time to devote to the truly creative

aspects of mold, die, and product design.

5. Gives mold and die makers more time to concentrate on cavities and cores – thus increasing

productivity as much as 40%.

6. Gives molders more quality parts per hour, more profitability – with production proven

construction that outlasts the longest runs.

7. Readily available as you need them. The more popular assemblies are always in stock

for same-day service. Our nationwide network of Service Centers means you have the products

and the people near you to help you save time, money and inventory costs.


Injection molding is recognized as the single most

important form of plastics processing. Beginning with just

a handful of standardized mold bases and components in

1942, DME now offers thousands of standardized mold

base assemblies and a broad variety of mold components

to satisfy the consistent need for high-quality injection

molds. Primarily used for thermoplastics injection molding,

most of our assemblies and components are readily

adaptable for the injection molding of thermosets. Future

product developments from DME will include standardized

components specifically designed for the injection molding

of thermoset materials.

These three features have helped make DME

Standard Mold Bases the most frequently

specified mold base assemblies in the world:


CLAMP SLOTS that save platen space and

provide maximum cavity area


TUBULAR DOWELS that provide more

room for waterlines



added strength and simplifies construction

DME Standard “A” Series Mold Base with Cavity Inserts