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Canada 800-387-6600



DME Hot Runner…

DME: An Essential Resource for

Hot Runner Productivity

Moldmakers, molders and mold designers worldwide

look to DME for essential hot runner solutions —

whether that is a single, best-in-class component or

a complete, fully functioning hot half system. Offering

the industry’s broadest range of hot runner products

and services as well as an unsurpassed knowledge

and expertise, DME is committed to helping customers

achieve maximum productivity, reliable operation, and

better performance.

System Solutions

DME offers a comprehensive family of hot runner

systems built on our modular architecture making cus-

tom configuration easy and quick.

Systems include:




Micromolding Systems

engineered for tight pitch molding


The Hot One

250, 375 and 625 series


Your essential resource for

hot runner solutions

Whether your application requires best-in-class components or a turnkey

hot-half system, DME has a hot runner solution that meets your needs.

Stellar Micromolding Nozzles

provide application flexibility

A wide range of DME nozzles allows

versatility in system selection