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Hot Runner Warranty
Control Systems
Control Systems
Hot Runner Warranty
DME Hot Runner Systems and Temperature Controllers are warranted pursuant to DME Company’s standard terms and conditions (see page 4) for
the time periods set forth below. The warranty (i)
covers items sold and shipped [supplied in accordance with orders placed by the customer with DME on or after
JULY 1, 2003],
applies only to the original DME customer and,
is not transferable to subsequent owners of the product except as specifically set forth herein
(see Transferability below for conditions).
DME Hot Runner Package Systems
(plates designed, machined & assembled by DME,
excluding Electrical Parts
Three (3) years
Galaxy & Stellar Hot Runner Package Systems Only
(plates designed, machined & assembled by DME,
excluding Electrical Parts
Plastic leakage within hot runner plates covered for
Three (3) years;
excluding Gate Detail. (Galaxy &
Stellar Hot Runner Package Systems Only)
DME Hot Runner Systems supplied as Manifold and Components Only
(neither plates nor assembly supplied by DME,
excluding Electrical Parts
One (1) year
DME Electrical Parts
(all heaters and thermocouples)
One (1) year
DME Mold Controls
(Temperature, Valve Gate & Cavity Pressure Controls,
excluding Fuses & Triacs
Three (3) years
Replacement or repair will be made at the election of DME; implemented at a DME facility and/or by shipment of replacement parts to the customer for
installation and/or return of defective parts to DME for repair.
This warranty may be transferred by the original DME Customer to a subsequent owner of the product
if all of the following conditions exist:
(i) the original
DME Customer purchased the product for purposes of re-sale or other immediate transfer and DME was made aware of these purposes at the time of
purchase in writing, (ii) within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice, DME is notified in writing of the transfer and provided with the name of the new
owner (hereafter “Transferee”), the contact person of the Transferee and the Transferee’s address.
• Normal wear of the system and components including, but not limited to: Nozzle Tips, Gate Shell Insulators,
Nozzle Seal Rings, O-rings, Piston Seals, Valve Stems and Electrical connectors
• Damage to the critical seal-off areas on the manifold, nozzle bodies, or in the mating cavities or cavity inserts
caused by improper assembly, operation, disassembly and maintenance
• Wear or damage resulting from corrosion or processing of abrasive/aggressive resins
• Damage due to failure to follow recommended operation and maintenance procedures specified in the DME Hot Runner Manual,
Hot Runner Nameplate, Service Bulletins, User Manuals or failure to follow standard industry operation and maintenance procedure
• Damage caused by abuse, neglect, and failure to adhere to DME instructions and operational recommendations
• Damage caused by improper installation, operation and maintenance
• Damage resulting from modifications to the product or component parts, abuse or neglect
• Failure caused by modifications made to the product without the prior written approval of DME
• Damage resulting from operation of products at injection pressures greater than 20,000 psi (1360 bar) on 250, 375, and
625 Series, Gate-Mate 4, Valve Gate, Galaxy and Stellar Systems; unless specifically designed and manufactured for higher
pressure applications in agreement with manufacturer
• Damage or failure caused by the product’s inability to perform as a component of a system design not supplied by DME
• Operator absence or operator error
• Operator maintenance and training capability
• Electrical interruptions
• Events beyond the control of DME
• Errors or actions by a third party
• Non-compliance with local laws, codes, ordinances or regulations codes or bylaws unless DME is informed of them
by our customer at the time of order placement
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